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Use our inventory check to check if your inventory management has competitive structures.


1.) Which industry does your company belong to?

The respective industry is a driver for different stocking strategies. The characteristic values calculated below require a differentiated assessment due to other industry-specific conditions.

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2.) Where are your suppliers located? Please give approximate percentages.

Supplier localization plays a decisive role in defining the appropriate stocking strategy.

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3.) Are you familiar with key figures such as reach, inventory intensity and turnover rate?

Do you know how the above-mentioned key figures of your company have presented themselves in a representative period (for example in the last financial year)?

Key figures also represent a decisive control instrument in the area of inventory management. Only that which is measured can also be controlled. A competitive value of the range is 5 days for a high proportion of domestic suppliers.

No problem. With the help of common, financial values we support you in the determination.

In case of doubt: You will find the values required below in the income statement and on your balance sheet.

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Do you use the instrument of ABCXYZ analysis at regular intervals?

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How high is your warehouse utilization (in %)? Note: Total number of storage locations divided by storage locations occupied

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Do you use external warehouses with external service providers?

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What is your average replenishment time (in days), differentiated by procurement area? If you have no suppliers in a region, please enter a 0 in the corresponding field.

Replenishment lead time is an integral part and driver of inventory levels. How are you positioned in this respect? In Germany, a fair market value is 3 days from the date of order.

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How high is your delivery reliability?

A low stock level is one aspect, but can you also demonstrate a high level of delivery reliability? In today's world, timely and reliable deliveries are becoming increasingly important. For an optimal balance between high customer satisfaction and acceptable inventory costs, delivery reliability should be around 95%.

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How often do you recalculate your stock parameters (minimum/reported/maximum stock, delivery time, etc.)?

A system will only deliver veritable results if the underlying master data is valid. Changes to the data basis often occur, but in many cases these are not taken into account. How well are you positioned in this respect?

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Your result

0% of 100%

Your inventory management shows a very high potential for optimization and thus high cost savings. We urgently recommend that you carry out a review.

Your inventory management should be reviewed. The probability of improving processes and increasing cost savings is quite high. We would be happy to support you in this.

You are well to very well positioned. Your inventory management is stable and has competitive structures.

We are happy to advise you!

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Summary of your data


Supplier localisation in %:

  • National:
  • Continental:
  • International:

Key data:

  • Reach in working days:
  • Turnover rate:
  • Inventory intensity

Do you use the ABCXYZ analysis regularly?

Warehouse utilization in %:

External warehouses with external service providers:

Replacement times in days:

  • National:
  • Continental:
  • International:

Delivery reliability in %:

Frequency of recalculation of stock parameters: every day at the latest